About Us

What does Evergreen Compounding Pharmacy do?

As a specialty compounding pharmacy, we partner with you and your physician to provide medications tailored to the patient’s specific needs and prepared to the doctor’s exact specifications.


Your health is about you, not how you fit into the “population statistics”. We are excited to be able to provide individualized services to meet your needs and help you meet your own personal goals related to health and wellness! We bring a unique partnership to the business, being a husband and wife pharmacist team with different passions and gifts that complement each other. We’re excited about the opportunity to serve people through the use of our skills and experience and see compounding and the functional approach as a solution to many of the issues that plague our modern healthcare model.

We firmly believe in the inviolate triad relationship between patients, their provider and their pharmacist.

We believe that knowledge is power.

We believe that we, as individuals, are our own best advocates in our health and wellness journey.

Meet our Team

Harley J. Brotherton, Pharmacist, Owner

Harley J. Brotherton spent the majority of his formative years in Kalispell. His family moved back to Moses Lake, WA, after his sophomore year in high school to help care for his grandparents, who were facing many health issues. He received his bachelor’s degree in zoology with a minor in chemistry from the University of Washington in 1997. He went on to earn his Doctor of Pharmacy from Washington State University in Pullman, WA, in May of 2002. Harley has worked in a variety of fields within the pharmacy profession, including retail, clinical hospital, hospital management, ambulatory care, managed care, and long-term care. He also worked as a graduate intern in England, which gave him first-hand experience within a health-system other than that within the United States. As the Pharmacy Services Manager overseeing the commercial benefits at United Healthcare, as well as his many years in administration at a hospital, he, also, has developed a unique perspective on healthcare that he brings with him to the benefit of our community.

Erin C. Brotherton, Pharmacist, Owner

Erin C. Brotherton grew up in Polson, MT. She completed her pre-pharmacy requirements at Carroll College in Helena and received her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Montana in December of 2000. She went on to complete a pharmacy residency at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage, AK, then moved back to the lower-48. Since 2001, she has also worked in a variety of fields within the pharmacy profession, including retail, hospital, ambulatory care, addiction treatment, long-term care and managed care. Her nine years at United Healthcare, overseeing the Medicare business as the Clinical Programs Coordinator, gave her a unique perspective on the state of the healthcare system in this country.

With these perspectives, they are excited about the opportunity provided by compounding pharmacy to impact patient care using an individualized approach, while helping people focus on their health and wellness as a priority.

Sonia Gale, Pharm.D.

Sonia previously worked 12 years in a retail/compounding pharmacy, but came to Evergreen Compounding because of the positive vibe she got from the staff and owners during the interview.  She also found her views of medicine and treating patients aligned with how patients are cared for in this pharmacy.

Jessica Poor, CPhT

Jessica is a wife and mother of two little ones, who came to compounding pharmacy after working 10 years as a CNA in a nursing home. Jessica is a crafter by nature, so she enjoys coming to work and getting to do her hobby. “It is fun getting to be a bit of a mad scientist and being able to mix flavors and powders and liquids to create unique medication compounds.” She is surprised daily by how easy and yet challenging and complicated this job is. Jessica started with ECP as an assistant, then became a tech-in-training, passing the licensure exam to become a pharmacy technician. Jessica finds there is always room to grow and learn in this field.

Rebecca Smith Klundt, CPhT

Becca is a wife and mom who worked in retail pharmacy for eight years before coming to Evergreen Compounding as a technician. While there was a big learning curve in compounding, but with the tech-in-training program through the pharmacy, Becca had the support needed to become a specialty compounding technician. Becca likes the daily freedom found in being able to set her work flow to meet client needs. She feels this job is a playground, and she feels like she is doing her hobby.

Christy Fitzwater, Pharmacy Assistant

Christy is a pastor’s wife, writer and grandma. She came to the compounding pharmacy as an office assistant, in search of meaningful relational work in the medical field after enjoying a decade of doing medical transcription in years prior. The environment at Evergreen Compounding is one of encouragement. The pharmacists and technicians make sure Christy knows she is appreciated, and her work is valuable. Her job as an assistant involves facilitating the flow of the medication process, from contacting patients to authorize their medications, to calling them when the prescription is ready for pickup. Her work is to make sure the pharmacist and technicians are free to give their full attention to the patients and medications, while she manages paperwork, cash register, mailing responsibilities and communication/coordination with patients.